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Bombardier has several units in Västerås, including the head office of Bombardier in Sweden. Several divisions are headquartered here. The units work on projects ranging from development to production management and delivery of complete vehicles, both for the Swedish market and for export, development and production of propulsion and control systems, service, maintenance and complete traffic systems.

Major projects in recent years include total solutions for metro and tram lines for two large cities in Turkey, development and construction of the Öresund and Regina trains and the development and production of a wide range of propulsion and control systems that have been sold to train integrators all over the world. Our service workshop undertakes the conversion of Rc2 locomotives to Rd2 specification.

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  • ISO EN 9001, standard for quality assurance
  • ISO EN 14001, standard for environmental activities
  • OHSAS 18001, standard for working environment and safety
  • IRIS, International Railway Industry Standard

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Östra Ringvägen 2
721 73 Västerås, Sweden

Tel.: +46 (0) 10 852 00 00